How Long Does Chicken Salad Last

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Homemade chicken salad is one of the healthiest foods for adults as well as kids. It is loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins that make you feel rejuvenated at once. You can prepare chicken salad before hours for a healthy dinner.

How Long Does Chicken Salad Last

Chicken salad can be made by adding various veggies and ingredients. You can add this salad to the sandwich or any kind of bread to enjoy a healthy meal. When you prepare a lot of chicken salad, the main question is how long it will last.

In this blog, we will discuss how long the chicken salad will last, important storage tips and how to know when the salad is spoiled.

How long will chicken salad stay fresh?

Normally, the chicken salad will stay fresh for 3 to 4 days in a fridge. On the other hand, the salad will stay fresh only for 2 hours if you keep it outside. After 2 hours, it is not safe to consume chicken salad anymore.

The next factor that affects the freshness of the chicken salad is the ingredients. Mayo chicken salad will stay fresh for a few days. On the other hand, the oil-based chicken salad will spoil after 3 days.

If you add different veggies to the salad, it will get more moisture. Veggies will spoil the salad and it will not taste good after some days. Moreover, the chicken salad will stay fresh only for one day if you add many ingredients to it.

How long does chicken salad stay fresh outside?

Chicken salad can stay fresh for only two hours if you keep it outside. If it is summer and the temperature is around 32 degrees Celsius, the salad must be kept outside the fridge only for one hour.

Bacteria will start growing in the salad during the hot summer. These bacteria might cause illnesses or stomach aches. If you are planning to carry chicken salad to the picnic, take it in a portable fridge.

Another way is to consume the chicken salad within 2 hours of its preparation. Even if you remove it from the fridge, consume the salad within 2 hours. The salad will not stay fresh for more than 2 hours after removing it from the fridge.

Tips to store chicken salad

Storing chicken salad is a very important process to maintain its quality and taste. You must put chicken salad in an airtight container and store it in a fridge. If you have brought chicken salad from the store, transfer it to any food container and store it in a fridge.

If you have added lettuce and spinach to the salad, store it in a large container. But do not squeeze the salad as it will remove the moisture content. In this way, you can maintain the quality of the salad.

If you want to consume only a part of the salad, use clean tools while serving the chicken salad. Do not double-dip the tools to stop microbial contamination in the salad.

Will freezing work for a chicken salad?

No, freezing is not a good idea in the case of a chicken salad. It is because freezing has many drawbacks such as:

  • Mayo-based salad will separate by freezing
  • Fruits and veggies in the salad will become soggy after freezing the salad
  • Egg whites will become rubbery by freezing
  • Some veggies will release extra moisture content and you will get a soggy chicken salad

If you want to freeze the chicken salad, add more cooked grains such as quinoa or rice. Apart from that, you can also add chicken pieces to the salad before freezing. These tips will keep the salad fresh and tasty for a long time.

Signs that chicken salad is bad to consume

Consuming bad chicken salad is dangerous for your health. It causes vomiting, illnesses, and food poisoning. Chicken salad is bad if you see the following signs:

  • If you see any mold on the surface of the salad, throw it away and do not consume any portion of the salad.
  • If you get a bad odor or unpleasant smell in the salad, avoid consuming it for safety.
  • Do not consume the chicken salad if it is kept in a fridge for a week and more. This salad will have many bacteria that harm your health.
  • If the taste of the salad is not good, throw it away.
  • If the salad has lots of water at the bottom after keeping it in a fridge, throw it away. The liquid will allow the bacteria to grow and harm your health as well.

Chicken salad FAQs

Can I consume the chicken salad made before 4 days?

You can eat old chicken salad only if it is kept in the fridge. Old chicken salad might contain bacteria but you can toss it to remove the bacteria and consume it after 4 days.

Can I freeze mayo-based chicken salad?

Freezing mayo-based chicken salad will make mayonnaise greasy. Oil and egg yolk will separate after freezing the salad. Freezing will change the texture of the salad and make it oily.

Will I get digestive issues after consuming old chicken?

Yes, the old chicken will make you feel sick and cause some digestive issues such as food poisoning and stomach ache.

How can I preserve chicken salad?

One of the best ways to preserve chicken salad is in an airtight container. Apart from that, you can also use a freezer bag with a seal or a sealed container to store chicken salad. You can either use Ziploc freezer bags or stasher reusable bags for storing salads.


This was all about the freshness of chicken salad and the tips to store it properly. You can follow these tips to keep your chicken salad fresh for a long time. You can also protect the salad from getting spoiled by keeping it in the fridge. These tips will retain the taste and quality of the chicken salad for a long time.

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