What to Serve With Pesto Pasta?

Pesto Pasta is undoubtedly one of the best dishes to serve for dinner when friends are visiting your place. It is tasty as well as a healthy dish that satisfies the tooth cravings of all ages. But there is quite a lot of confusion when you have to serve this pasta with side dishes.

What to Serve With Pesto Pasta

Preparing some side dishes with pesto pasta will make your dinner more surprising and delicious. There are many side dishes that you can use with pesto pasta including some leftovers in your fridge.

This blog describes the list of some lip-smacking and tasty side dishes that you must try with Pesto Pasta. From grilled fish to delicious salads, the list covers everything for a perfect Pasta combo.

Side dishes to serve with Pesto Pasta

The side dishes to serve with Pasta depend on the individual’s needs and taste. Some people just want to add something quick to the dinner while some people want to take the enjoyment of a perfect wholesome supper. Read on to get the list of some delicious dishes to serve with Pesto Pasta:

Antipasto Salad

Italian side dishes go well with Pesto Pasta and make it more nutritious. We are talking about Antipasto salad in this section. It is a traditional Italian salad to serve with Pasta or any other quick snack. You can grab any veggies that you like in this salad and serve the salad on a platter.

This colorful veggie salad can be made delicious by sprinkling some vinegar and herbs. There is no rocket science in making this salad and can be prepared within a few minutes.


If you want an ideal side dish to serve with Pesto Pasta, go with Burrata. It will make your favorite pasta more cheesy and beautiful to serve for dinner. A creamy layer on top of Pasta will make you forget everything in the world. Moreover, the parmesan cheese will balance the strong flavor of Pasta.

Mushroom Risotto

To enhance the flavor of your Pesto Pasta, serve it with Mushroom Risotto. All you need to prepare Risotto is a few ingredients and some herbs and spices. You can add mushrooms with green peas, onions, and rice to prepare Risotto. Veggies can be added according to your choice and taste. Do not forget to make this dish more delicious by adding some herbs and spices.

Grilled Chicken

Pesto Pasta will taste amazing if you place some herby-grilled chicken breasts on the table. The combination is simply awesome and adds flavor to your boring dinner. Apart from that, the grilled chicken breasts also add flavor to the food. They are good for the health and give a full feeling. Grilled chicken with Pasta is a delicious dinner for your house party.

Blistered cherry tomatoes

Adding some healthy side dishes with Pesto Pasta is a challenging task. So, cherry tomatoes with vinegar are a good option that you must try for lunch or dinner. Vinegar caramelizes the natural sugars present in cherry tomatoes.

Whenever you are late in preparing dinner for the guests, add blistered cherry tomatoes to Pesto Pasta. This meal is not just simple but also a rich combination of delicious ingredients.


Serve beef pieces with fresh Broccoli pieces to Pesto Pasta. Broccoli and beef add a mixture of crunch and softness. This meal is satisfying and suits everyone’s needs and preferences.

You can also add other veggies of your choice to this side dish. It is a sumptuous meal to serve for parties, functions, and family gatherings.

Roasted bell peppers

Bell peppers are packed with numerous minerals and vitamins. They are colorful, tasty, and nutritious for everyone. Grilled bell peppers with Pesto Pasta will make your dinner tasty and healthy.

You can either take yellow or red bell peppers to serve with Pasta. If you have a lot of time left in your hand for a house party, grill tomatoes in a barbeque. If time is less, you can sauté the pieces of bell peppers in a few drops of oil or roast them to serve with hot Pasta.

Grilled fish

What is a better side dish than grilled salmon with Pesto Pasta? Salmon contains a healthy amount of Omega-3 that helps to maintain eyesight. Grilled fish on pasta will complete your dinner and makes the meal healthy as well as mouth-watering. If you have not tried this side dish, try it now with your flavored Pasta.

Steamed veggies

Steamed vegetables with Pesto Pasta are mostly chosen by people when they run late for a dinner party. Take veggies of your choice such as cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, and some other green veggies.

Sprinkle some herbs and a layer of olive oil on steamed veggies to bring a real Mediterranean taste.

Chickpeas salad

Pesto Pasta can be served as you like. You can either take it as a quick meal or a part of dinner at a party or family gathering. Chickpeas are loaded with rich nutrients that give high energy levels to the body. Add some spices and herbs to this salad for aroma and taste. This salad can be served anytime for lunch or dinner.


Meaty dinner is what everyone thinks of on weekends and holidays. Get some shrimp sautéed in oil to add to Pesto Pasta. Marinate the shrimp with garlic, butter, and some herbs. You can also take blackened shrimp to serve with Pesto Pasta for lunch or dinner. I normally prefer this dish in the evening for a perfect dinner time.


Improve the taste of your favorite Pasta with Bacon. It takes a few minutes to prepare this wholesome meal by adding very few ingredients. Bacon is good for your health and packed with healthy nutrients. The flavors of Bacon will enhance Pasta and keep your belly full.


Pesto Pasta is a special dish to prepare for special moments. It can be served with endless side dishes and veggies of your likes. Try some of the above side dishes with Pesto pasta and enjoy a good Italian meal with friends and family!

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