What is Taro Milk Tea

A cup of tea in the morning makes everything just so perfect. Tea is one of the most popular beverages that people drink all over the world. This beverage evolved and came in several flavors.

What is Taro Milk Tea

From herbal tea to cardamom tea, you can get many types of tea today. One of the most famous teas is Taro milk tea. It is a kind of boba tea flavor that is easily sold in cafes and food joints. This tea is purple and creamy with a taste similar to vanilla.

You can add Thai milk to make this tea. This blog highlights various things related to Taro milk, the steps to prepare the tea, the types of Taro milk tea, and some interesting facts about this tea.

Meaning of Taro

Taro is a type of root vegetable that comes from the Araceae plant. This root vegetable comes from the tropical regions of South India and Asia. Apart from that, this root vegetable is also grown in countries such as Hawaii, Venezuela, and Brazil.

Araceae plant has heart-shaped leaves and is edible as well. Roots of taro vegetables come in various colors such as purple, pink, and white according to the region of cultivation. This root vegetable has white flesh with brown skin and a texture like that of a potato.

Something about Taro Milk tea

Taro milk tea is a beautiful purple-colored beverage including taro root, milk, and sugar. It is a type of bubble tea that has a beautiful purple color. Experts say that Taro is one of the most ancient crops in Asia. Many Pacific Islands such as New Zealand and Hawaii used to consume this beverage regularly.

The trend of drinking Taro milk tea became more popular in the 1980s in Taiwan. People consume this tea with desserts such as moon cakes and taro balls.

Kinds of Taro Milk tea

This purple-colored tea is available in many types that you must try with some snacks. Here are some types of Taro Milk tea that you can try:

  • Hot Taro milk tea
  • Taro milk tea with black or green tea
  • Taro smoothie or slush

Nutrition facts about Taro Milk Tea

Normally, taro milk tea is prepared either by adding fresh Taro or its powdered mix. Nutrition in both forms differs from one another. Let us have a look at the calories of different types of Taro milk tea:

  • Taro smoothie may contain about 603 calories and 250 calories without sugar.
  • Taro Milk tea contains 287 calories without sugar and 722 calories with normal sugar.
  • Fresh Taro with milk contains between 425 and 480 calories.

Fresh Taro is loaded with vitamins such as A, B6, C, and E. It also contains iron, fiber, and calcium. Taro powders are loaded with nutrients as they are easy to use with milk to prepare tea. Taro milk tea is not a healthy beverage as it contains high sugar content and calories as well.

How to make Taro Milk Tea?

Taro Milk tea is a sweet beverage containing tar powder, milk, sugar, and jasmine green tea. You can either add readymade tapioca pearls or homemade pearls to prepare this kind of tea.

I will now share an easy recipe to prepare Taro Milk Tea. We will discuss the step-by-step process of making Taro Milk tea with every ingredient.

Ingredients to add in Taro Milk tea

  • Loose-leaf Jasmine green tea or a tea bag
  • Taro powder
  • Water to prepare the jasmine tea and the brown sugar syrup
  • You can use dairy milk or whole milk or light cream milk to make this tea. You can also choose types of non-dairy milk such as coconut milk, soy milk, oat milk, and almond tea.
  • You can also choose condensed milk or dairy-free coconut condensed milk to get creamy tea.
  • You can take any type of sugar such as dark brown sugar, dark muscovado sugar, or granulated sugar
  • You can pick store tapioca balls or homemade boba
  • Iced cubes (Optional) for adding to the tea
  • Reusable boba tea straws or long spoons to scoop up the boba balls

Steps to prepare Taro Milk tea

It is very easy to prepare Taro Milk Tea by following some easy steps such as:

Cook tapioca balls

You can either use homemade tapioca balls or readymade boba to add to this coffee. While using readymade boba, you must follow the instructions on the package on how to cook tapioca balls.

After cooking boba, you must drain it properly. Now, you can rinse the balls under cold water and transfer them to a bowl of cold water. You can also add the boba to the brown sugar syrup.

Preparing the brown sugar syrup

The next step is to make the brown sugar syrup by adding water and brown sugar in a saucepan. Now, you have to heat this mixture for some time on medium flame. You must stir this mixture until the sugar gets dissolved completely.

The next thing you have to do is simmer this mixture for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the mixture will become thicker when it cools. Finally, you must remove the mixture and add it to the cooked boba balls.

Steep jasmine tea

Now, you have to boil water on the stovetop at 80 degrees Celsius. Do not boil the water for a long time to get a better taste.

The next thing you must do is steep the tea leaves for 5 minutes in hot water. Now, remove the tea leaves. Then you have to steep the tea leaves or tea bag for 5 minutes in hot water.

The next thing to do is add taro powder and mix everything well. Now, let the mixture cool for some minutes.

Assemble the tea

Now, you have to assemble Taro milk tea. You must use 2 tall glasses. In the glass, first add the boba syrup mixture and ice, tea, and milk to enjoy a cold tea.

Taro Milk Tea FAQs

What does Taro milk tea contain?

Taro Milk tea is prepared by adding jasmine tea, tapioca pearls, root, milk, and Taro.

What does this tea taste like?

Some people say that Taro milk tea has the taste of a sweet potato. It has sweet flesh and a nutty flavor.

Is Taro and Boba the same?

Taro is a type of boba tea flavor found in cafes and shops.

Is Bubble tea good for kids?

Yes, Bubble tea is safe for kids.

Final words

These are some of the most interesting facts about Taro Milk tea. It is a famous beverage that you can try with a variety of snacks. Whether it is adult or kid, this tea gives several benefits to your body. It also has a good taste and is good for the active body and mind.

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