What Goes With French Onion Soup?

French Onion Soup is famous for its unique flavor and aroma. It can be served as a main course or a side dish. Caramelized onions and garlic make this soup more delicious on a winter night. It gives a full feeling to your tummy and provides all the essential nutrients to the body.

What Goes With French Onion Soup

You can prepare French Onion Soup for a family dinner or house party. A side dish or some snacks make this soup very tasty. You can add many side dishes along with soup to complete the meal.
In this blog, we will discuss the side dishes to be served with Onion Soup for lunch or dinner.

Best accompaniments for French Onion Soup

French Onion soup tastes good alone but tastes better if you serve some side dishes. Read on to get the best side dishes with this delicious soup:

Arugula Salad

Some fresh greens will make the soup more interesting and fulfilling. A perfect evening meal includes French Onion Soup with some sautéed greens like broccoli, Arugula, or Kale. You can also include lemon vinaigrette with soup to make a main course. Arugula salad tastes better when you add Asiago or Parmesan cheese.

Chicken Pesto Panini

Panini and cheesy French Onion soup make a correct combo for a night meal. Melted cheese is a special thing that enhances the taste of both soup and Panini. It is very easy to prepare Chicken Pesto Panini by spreading a layer of butter on the bread and adding veggies, chicken, mayo, cheese, avocado, and salt. Let Panini get grilled for about 4 minutes on a griddle.

Chicken Pesto Panini will fulfill your craving to enjoy something unique with French Onion Soup.

Roasted vegetables

Roasted veggies will serve the purpose well if you want a wholesome meal for lunch or dinner. You can add veggies of your choice along with soup to enjoy a healthy yet tasty meal.

You can grab different veggies such as zucchini, bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, yellow squash, and onions to roast and serve with French Onion soup. Finally, add a layer of herbs and salt to the roasted veggies to enjoy a scrumptious meal.


Steak is one of the best side dishes to serve with French Onion soup. You can pick a variety of steaks to add to your night’s dinner with your favorite soup. Filet mignon and New York strip steak will make the soup tastier and healthier as well.

If you finding something meaty to add to soup, go for a flank steak. You can also grab a T-bone steak for your dinner. These steaks make the dinner fulfilling and tasty as well.

Sauteed Mushrooms

A light meal for the night dinner is what generally we all prefer on weekdays. If you are ready to consume a light meal, go for sautéed mushrooms with French Onion soup. Mushrooms are light, meaty, and nice to taste with this aromatic soup and give a refreshing dinner time.

Bread bowl

A bread bowl with hot French Onion Soup is the best meal to enjoy for dinner or lunch. It is a good combination to try for family dinners or weekend gatherings. Flavors of bread and soup match each other. This meal is not only healthy but also tasty and suits everyone’s taste and preferences.

Scalloped potatoes

Meaty French Onion soup will taste better with scalloped potatoes. These potatoes are creamy and make a perfect meal with French Onion soup. One more tip to enhance the taste of potatoes is to make them crispy while cooking on top.

It takes only a few minutes to cook scalloped potatoes in the oven. You can add your favorite spices and sauce to these potatoes to enhance their taste.

Garlic bread with cheese

Do you want to add something cheesy to your meal along with spicy soup? Then try cheesy garlic bread. Of course, cheesy garlic bread is a favorite snack of everyone that can be served as a mid-evening snack or dinner.

You can prepare extra cheesy garlic bread and store them in the fridge to save time. Whenever you crave something cheesy with French Onion soup, just grab a piece of bread and heat it again for a few minutes in the oven and enjoy a good snack time!

Lemon-Parsley Tilapia

This soup will give a refreshing touch to your taste buds when you have baked fish. Warm the cheese for the soup and bake the fish together to serve an ideal hot meal. You can choose Tilapia with lemon and butter with soup to get a better taste.

Tilapia and soup are light for the tummy and satisfy your cravings for a hot snack. Do not forget to add butter and cheese a little more to enjoy the taste.

Simple noodles

When there is nothing to add to French Onion soup, get some noodles. You can toss some greens in olive oil and pour noodles. It is a quick recipe to prepare anytime for lunch or dinner. You can add veggies of your liking to the noodles to make a healthy version. It is one of the best side dishes to serve with soup when you are throwing a house party or organizing a family gathering at your home.

Banana cream cheesecake

French Onion soup can be served as a main course but will not make you feel full. So, a piece of cheesecake will make a perfect combination. Banana cream cheesecake is a creamy and light recipe that completes the meal. You can also satisfy the sugar cravings of your taste buds by serving this meal for lunch or dinner.

Final words

Hot French Onion soup can be served with a myriad of side dishes of your choice. You can simply add cheesy garlic bread or baked fish or a cheesecake to your meal

Try some of the above side dishes with the hot soup and surprise your friends and family members at this weekend’s gathering!

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