Nutmeg is a powerful spice used in many Indian dishes and cuisines. It is packed with antioxidants that help to treat conditions such as cancer, heart attack, and liver infection. It is used in sweet and savory dishes as well.

A pinch of nutmeg powder will add taste to any dish. Studies show that nutmeg helps to improve mood patterns. It also reduces depression and stress in humans and gives better mental health. Apart from that, the nutmeg also gives better sleep patterns every night. It helps to reduce sleeplessness and insomnia.

In addition, this spice improves your dental health. It contains antibacterial properties that remove bacteria from the mouth and kill germs. Besides, nutmeg oil also stops the spread of infection in your mouth. It also stops bad breath and gives a fresh feeling in your mouth for long hours.

Additionally, nutmeg is loaded with vitamins, magnesium, and manganese. All these natural ingredients help to keep your digestive system healthy and strong. They also help to remove toxins from your body and enhance the digestive tract. You will get relief from indigestion, gas, and acidity by consuming milk or coffee with nutmeg powder.