How to Cut Avocado for Sushi Rolls

Sushi is famous for its rich taste and beautiful look. It is eaten in many parts of the globe because of its nice taste. You can add many ingredients in preparing Sushi, but avocado is the major ingredient in this Japanese cuisine. Avocado plays a significant role in sushi rolls and other Japanese food items.

How to Cut Avocado for Sushi
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Avocado is one of the healthiest fruits to consume regularly. It is enriched with minerals, vitamins, and fats. It also gives a special nutty flavor to sushi. In this blog, we will discuss how to cut avocados for sushi. We will also see how to pick the best quality avocado to make sushi.

Kind of avocado used for sushi

Although there are many types of avocados, the Hass avocado is commonly used for sushi. It has a thick peel and buttery flesh. Hass avocado is the best avocado for preparing tasty sushi at home. It also gives ample nutrients and vitamins to the body. Ripe avocados always make sushi more delicious.

Steps to cut avocado for sushi

Sushi is famous for its rich taste and beautiful look. It is eaten in many parts of the globe because of its nice taste.

Finding the right avocado

The first step is to find the right avocado. We already discussed in the above section that ripe fruit is necessary to add to Sushi. It is not a very tough task to find a ripe avocado from the market.

Ripe fruit can be dark or light colored but the sense of toughness might help. You can touch the fruit gently and squeeze it. A ripe avocado is softer than some other unripe avocados. On the other hand, unripe avocados are very firm and do not have a pleasant taste.

The flesh of unripe avocados has a solid texture. Peels of an unripe fruit are also very tough to remove. Do not pick overripe avocados as they are not tasty or give a good appearance to sushi.

Opening the fruit

The next thing to do is to wash the fruit well under running water. Then take a chopping board to cut the avocado lengthwise. Now, start cutting an avocado into the lower part and use its seed to cut around.

It takes a long time to slice the fruit through a seed. After cutting around an avocado, make the equal half parts of an avocado and pull them apart.

Remove the seed from the fruit

The next step after opening the fruit is to remove the seed. You can remove the seed of avocado in various ways. Generally, ripe avocados make it easy to remove the seed. The seed will either pop out or you can pull the seed out with your hands.

You can even use a spoon to scoop the seed out properly. Another way to remove the seed is to use a pointed knife and insert it into one side of the seed to lift it.

Remove the peels of the fruit

The next step after removing the seed is to peel the avocado. It is easy to peel a ripe avocado with your hands. Peeling an avocado is similar to peeling a banana.

Slice the fruit

Now, you have to slice the fruit. First of all, the cheeks of the avocado should be in front. The side with the hallowed part left should be faced down. Now, you have to keep an avocado lengthwise in a slanting position. The knife must touch the top and bottom ends of the fruit.

Keep a knife at an angle of 45 degrees and cut the fruit. Now, start making thin slices of avocado. You can use these thin slices as a filling or a topping.

Preserving avocado slices

The next step is to coat avocado slices with lemon juice. Avocado slices will taste better by applying a few lemon drops. Lemon juice plays an important role in enhancing the look of avocado slices. However, do not apply lemon juice in large quantities to avocados.

You can preserve the lemon slices by applying vinegar. But lemon works better than vinegar on avocado slices.

Important things to consider while chopping an avocado for sushi

Some important tips should be followed while cutting an avocado for Sushi such as:

  • You choose a thin and sharp knife to chop avocados. You can even choose a thick knife to get perfect slices of the fruit.
  • The next thing to consider is the type of avocado. Based on the avocado type, you can know whether to make thin or thick slices of the fruit.

Avocado FAQs

Where is Avocado grown?

Avocado is a kind of tropical plant that grows in hot regions. It can be also grown in cold regions. This fruit is mainly grown in Chile, Spain, Mexico, California, and New Zealand.

How to protect avocados from turning brown?

You can use the water bath method to prevent avocado slices from oxygen exposure. One of the best ways to prevent the avocado from turning brown is to keep it submerged in water for 4 hours. This is a popular method used in many restaurants.

Can I consume avocado if it turns brown?

Yes, it is safe to consume an avocado once it turns brown. This color is due to a chemical reaction and causes melanin in the fruit.

Is avocado a healthy fruit?

Yes, it is healthy to consume avocado in sushi as this fruit protects your heart and kidneys. It also boosts the working of your nervous system.


Sushi is easy to prepare by chopping avocado in the given style. You must follow these steps to get a perfectly chopped avocado to add to sushi. This fruit can also be used in making various other Japanese dishes and cuisines. You must try some of the most popular dishes by adding ripe avocado.

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