Hi foodies, I am Ellie Williams, a food blogger living in “Venture”, CA. My tasty buds is my small venture of a food journey that started just as a hobby. I am the author of My tasty buds food blog. I have always been a foodie with a passion to taste cuisines from different parts of the world. Not just that, I also prepare different cuisines with various ingredients.

Right from childhood, I have loved to cook and eat. This was just a hobby until I realized to make it a profession. So, I started my own blog with recipes of different recipes that could reach many cooking lovers at a time.

Food is my passion

For many years, I have been watching my mom cook delicious recipes. I also used to watch cooking shows on TV and the internet to learn cuisines of different nations. From TV shows, I learned many awesome cooking tips. I share the recipe only after trying it.

My goal is to encourage home chefs and teens to prepare different cuisines. I also love taking photos of different cuisines. From the cooking process to serving styles, I show everything on my personal blog. I always want to make one feel confident while cooking different dishes.

Things I love to do

Apart from cooking food, I also love traveling to try the food of different cities and towns. Food and travel are my favorite hobbies. Whether it was school or motherhood, I have taken out time to prepare different delicacies. I also used to travel to get unique recipes for sharing on my personal blog.

Now, I would like to discuss some of my favorite hobbies below:

Food photography

From romantic Paris to beautiful Australia, I have traveled to many places in the world. One of my major goals was to try the signature dish of these places. So, I went to many local restaurants and food joints to try the recipes.

I also used to take important tips to make food more delicious. You will get photos of every recipe on my personal blog along with photos of famous spots.

Cooking with different techniques

No two people have the same cooking techniques. I always believe that cooking a dish must involve different methods to enhance its taste and aroma. So, I try different cuisines with different methods and ingredients along with a pinch of my mother’s tips.

I also share unique ways to try various dishes for foodies. In many recipes, I use different ingredients to give something new to my audience every time.

Sharing recipes on social media sites

With social media sites, I love to post new recipes with attractive photos of food. I also upload cooking videos to give a more precise idea to my audience. You can check all my latest photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to try something delicious this Christmas to please your family and guests, visit my blog. Enjoy a gala time with a delicious dinner with your loved ones!