How to Make Tea Taste Better

A cup of tasty tea is the only thing that can start a kickass morning. For an energetic day, we all prefer a cup of strong tea in the morning. But what if the tea contains merely a mixture of sugar, tea leaves, and water? Simple tea does not sound appealing when you want to run for the full day. It is important to prefer some additives to make your tea better in the morning.

How to Make Tea Taste Better
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This blog post gives a list of the 10 best additives that can make your tea just as yummy. They are simple to use additives with any kind of tea.

Good additives to try to make your tea taste better

Are you bored of the same old taste of your morning tea? Then try some of the below suggestions to get a perfect morning tea:

Add some honey

Honey acts as a natural sweetener and enhances the flavor of your morning tea. Honey is better than sugar in terms of health benefits. It is also enriched with certain antioxidant properties. Honey is available in different flavors these days in online stores and even in departmental stores. Try local honey or orange blossom honey offers natural sweetness in your beverage.


Cinnamon in the tea can work for any type of weather. A cup of cinnamon tea with some hot snacks creates a real morning atmosphere. It easily gets dissolved in any kind of tea to get a better flavor and taste. Cinnamon is one of the exotic ingredients to make a good version of Indian tea. Try cinnamon with green tea or any other type that drink in the morning.

Brown sugar

Another great additive to take in tea is brown sugar. It does not only have a distinctive taste but also has a unique taste that can enrich the flavor of tea. You can never expect the richness of brown sugar in simple sugar. Just add one teaspoon of brown sugar and stir properly.


Give an aromatic twist to the tea by adding a pinch of peppermint flavor or some raw mint leaves. Mint leaves can either give an acquired smell or a light smell according to the amount you add to the tea. They can replace the boring and age-old ingredients of tea. Peppermint is a powerhouse of antioxidants for removing toxins from the body. It also cures irritable bowel syndrome.

Add any berries

Whole berries do not give that punch to your tea. So, take a mixture grinder and crush the raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries together to add to your tea. Add this mixture to get the rich and creamy texture of tea. It can also be served as your breakfast in the morning.

Berries in the tea can be added during the hot summer season or spring. The mixture of different kinds of berries in tea will make it healthy as well as tasty. This trick can be used with different tea kinds like lavender, hibiscus, blueberry, or peach.

Maple syrup

If you want a delicious winter tea, maple syrup will make it quickly. Try to get real maple syrup from the market to get richness and uniqueness in your tea. It also brings a nutty flavor to your tea that makes you feel active in one sip. Maple syrup is easily available in the local or online stores.


Ginger will add zest to the tea that you always need in the morning. A cup of ginger tea will open your sinuses and treat flu symptoms. Do not too much ginger as it will turn your tea into a sour drink. Grate it or simply cut the ginger into pieces. Ginger can go well with any tea type like pomegranate, citrus, or green tea. It can be better when you add cardamom or cinnamon with some ginger pieces.

Lime slices

Adding lime slices will only work if you love the sourness of the drink. Not everyone likes the taste of lime slices in the tea but it surely refreshes the morning. Lime slices in green tea give a sour taste but you can balance it by adding little sugar or honey.

Citrus fruits

If you do not like the taste of lime slices in tea, try some other citrus fruits like orange or sweet lime. You can also try grapefruit as they are tart. All these fruits are filled with vitamin C and some other essential nutrients. They also give natural sweetness to your tea. So, these fruits can be added to your tea to get better immunity levels in the body.

Coconut milk

Coconut or almond milk is tea makes it creamy and light as well. It can be a substitute for plain milk when you are planning to give a twist to your bed tea. Almond or coconut milk has its own flavor that you will not find in plain milk. It can be added to various kinds of teas such as pumpkin tea, cinnamon, or green tea.

Rose petals

Rose petals in tea will give a great taste. They will boost the flavor and taste of the tea. You can also choose various other flowers to add to tea but rose remains the popular pick for households. Get some pesticide-free rose petals to get a healthy version of tea. They are good for health and do not cause allergies.

Ice cream

This tip is good for iced tea. Normally, I take ice cream to add to my tea but you can choose sorbet of various flavors. You can try this trick with various tea kinds like raspberry, green tea, or peach tea.


These are some of the awesome tips to make your tea taste better in the morning. They are beneficial for health as well. You can also take a combination of some of these natural sweeteners to get a rich, aromatic, and creamy texture. Sip your morning tea and get ready for the day!

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